Cosmic Application
Less paper work more time.


COSMIC is a custom built commercial finance brokering system. COSMIC guides brokers through the process of packaging a commercial case, and allows both lenders and clients to interact with their online case.

COSMIC was developed in conjunction with B2Bmortgage, which has been in the commercial finance brokering business since 2006. Cosmic was developed in response to the fact that, as brokers, B2B could not source suitable off-the-shelf software to improve the application experience for clients and to reduce the case management workload for brokers. The additional compliance overheads of FCA regulation are another challenge to the industry that the structured and audit-able nature of Cosmic seeks to address.

B2B was frustrated by the manual old fashioned way of collecting case docs via email/post, and could see the efficiency benefits which could be gained by developing a broking package that both Lenders and Clients can log into. The beauty of the system is that once all the information relating to a case is stored in one place, it means it can be viewed by multiple parties in multiple locations, without sending versions to each other. This reduces the time taken in sending large files and avoids issues like firewalls blocking emails due to large file sizes.